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Evolve offers tailored financial solutions for your business and ongoing support when you need it. A discovery call is the first step, finding out about you and your business. A recommended action plan is then provided based on your business needs.

The below services & packages can be used as a guide as to how we can help your business.

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Financial Advice

Finance Health Check

Finance Health Check


We offer bespoke finance consultancy for entrepreneurs at any stage of their business. If you are looking for advice on a specific area, need some assistance on setting up the fundamentals or want ongoing support to ensure you are ahead of the curve then we can help!

The first 30 minute consultation is free.

Finance Health Check

Finance Health Check

Finance Health Check


Do you have a profitable business but need help understanding where there might be some black holes? 

The Finance Health Check is a way for you to have your business reviewed in a relaxed environment, ensuring your business is in the best possible position.

  • 60 minute initial consultation 
  • Detailed action plan to increase profitability, bespoke to your business

Virtual CFO

Finance Health Check

Self-Starter Package


As your business grows you may not need the guidance of a full time CFO, but could use a finance expert that can guide and partner with your business.

For a monthly retainer, you will receive:

  • A 45-60 minute phone call each week
  • Unlimited questions and advice via email
  • Completion of one project per month, examples below:



KPI set-up and tracking

Business analysis

Self-Starter Package

Self-Starter Package

Self-Starter Package


You've just started out and don't know what you don't know - am I right?

This package sets up the essential finance foundations for running a business and equips you with the tools to track it! 

  • 60 minute consultation
  • Budget creation
  • System training
  • Metric creation and tracking
  • Finance system set-up including
    • Invoicing and bill management
    • Phone app for invoicing & expenses
    • Banking linked for visibility of cashflow
    • Reporting
    • Customised dashboard

Catching-Up Package

Self-Starter Package

Catching-Up Package


Your idea and market is nailed and your business is growing. You are at the point now where you want to spend some time tying down the loose ends and strengthening your position. 

  • 60 minute initial consultation 
  • Bespoke action plan on any areas for development
  • 12 month forecast
  • Analysis of trends and data to increase profit
    • Product/service mix optimisation
    • Overhead and profit analysis
    • Cashflow optimisation

The DIY Starter

Self-Starter Package

Catching-Up Package


Learn how to set the Finance side of the business up yourself with this step-by-step action plan!

  • 60 minute initial consultation
  • Detailed action plan
  • Set-up checklist
  • 4 x 30 minute training sessions

You will come away with:

  • Invoice management system
  • Direct bank feeds and cash flow visibility
  • Customer & supplier record keeping
  • Tailored suite of reports
  • Customised dashboard
  • Knowledge to maintain what you have built!





When you are an early stage entrepreneur you often have to wear many hats, one of which is finance and operations. Evolve Consultancy  is here to give you the tools for success from the beginning by offering training on the essentials for you to run your business. The training is provided in a relaxed setting either through one of our group training sessions or individually depending on your needs.

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